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VIII : In Spades

Posted in Diary, High seas, Smoking continues to cause fatalities on April 25, 2008 by jiiiiim

The Amateur was settling in for an all-night Scooby-Doo marathon, so that he may shout names and pull faces at Scrappy-Doo, when suddenly he picked up a sound near the door. A bell ring to be precise. Well the Amateur isn’t that easily fooled. At the end of the marathon, he found this sheet slid under the door, clipped to a “you were unable to receive this parcel” card.

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VII : Snapneck Mountain

Posted in Elves, Hats, Speedboats for all on April 7, 2008 by jiiiiim

The Amateur often visits a local animal rescue centre, to laugh at those less fortunate than himself. This time he found himself staring at a crow with an injured wing, and idly reaching for his nailgun, when he saw a message tied to its leg. After shooting it in a stealthy and subversive manner, he retrived this card.

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